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Telco to ace ESG

As sustainability takes center stage in the global narrative, businesses face increasing scrutiny to align with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. Demands for transparency, purpose-driven operations, and environmental responsibility come not only from regulators but also from employees and consumers.  

Telco to Ace ESG

This category celebrates telecom companies that have excelled in delivering exceptional ESG outcomes. From robust environmental policies to impactful social initiatives and transparent governance practices, this award acknowledges outstanding achievements in ESG practices.

Telco to ace ESG

Checklist for excellence

To identify the torchbearer in this category, we've devised a comprehensive checklist. Though not exhaustive, these parameters serve as crucial benchmarks for a telco to ensure it excels in its ESG commitments:

  • Environmental Impact: Assessing emissions, energy consumption, and the use of renewable energy.

  • Social Impact: Examining digital inclusion, privacy breaches, community engagement, philanthropy, employee well-being, and diversity and inclusion initiatives.

  • Governance: Evaluating sustainable board structures, human rights management systems, and overall governance practices.

  • ESG Reporting: Considering the quality and transparency of telcos' ESG reporting, including relevant metrics, targets, and progress.

Explore the top 5 nominees in the category here:

Twimbit Telecom Awards


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