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From Hollywood to Telecom

The Oscars awards capture the imagination of everyone in the world. It celebrates the incredible achievements in filmmaking. As I watch it every year on the telly, I am amazed at how the cinema world assembles in Hollywood for this incredible event. The event is so successful that even being nominated is a huge achievement. A filmmaker's career is often measured by their Oscar nominations and wins.. Even more heartening is that the world’s greatest actors assemble, and celebrate each other’s success. What has made the Oscar’s successful over the years:

  • A consistent approach to judging

  • Ensuring all the best movies in the world are evaluated and judged

  • There is no fee to license or buy or pay to attend

Oscar ceremony

Unfortunately, in the business world, awards have increasingly become a commercial venture. For many awards, you must pay a fee to nominate yourself. If you do not nominate, and in most award events, not all of the world’s best companies nominate themselves, they do not get evaluated. Furthermore, there is always a vested interest. You need to buy some tickets, or pay for the licensing or some mechanism to attribute revenues. I do recognize the challenge and the need to drive some revenues to ensure the sustainability of the program, but nevertheless this very aspect has led to a lack of credibility for many of the programs.

We have set about to correct that, at least an attempt to do so. We are excited to present the Twimbit Telecom Awards for Asia Pacific in 2024. What makes it unique:

  • There is no nomination fee

  • There is no licensing fee

  • Analysts do all the research to shortlist companies on their performance relative to market and industry

  • A panel of industry leaders, vet and decide on the final winners

  • An award event where every nominee is invited with no fee to join us

Why Twimbit Telecom Awards

Our goal is to bring innovators together to celebrate their achievements. It will undoubtedly be hard, with over 93 nominees in the room and only 23 awards to be presented, we will have some disappointments. But then all the 93 are nominees. You are the best of the industry which employs about 3 million people just in service providers across the region. You have each excelled in something beautiful. Doing an inaugural program is challenging. Getting buy in is also challenging. We are fortunate, a set of industry leaders came together as judges to support us. Many thanks to each of them. Even more so to F5. They came forward and agreed to be a strategic partner, yielding the financial support to help us get this off the ground.

Please come and join us, celebrate the innovation in the industry. You may win this year; if not, you'll be inspired to return and win next year. Together, we will make this an industry which can attract the best of the youth and drive innovation forward.

Twimbit Telecom Awards


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