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Twimbit Telecom Awards

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Our Vision


Our vision is to establish a world-class awards program that recognises achievers with the highest level of credibility.

We acknowledge the plethora of award programs by various organisations. However, many lack credibility, objectivity, and are often commercially driven.

 Guiding Philosophy and Research Methodology 

  • As an independent analyst and consulting firm, we believe in a comprehensive and inclusive approach. Our robust assessment is based on a thorough analysis of both financial and non-financial KPIs.  

  • To supplement this, we will also leverage our comprehensive in-house database that tracks the performance of top 50 telcos in the APAC market.

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  • The Award contenders and recipients will not be based solely on self-nomination process. Besides evaluating the nominations received, we will also evaluate other market participants and leaders to recognise the truly deserving players.

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  • After our analysts have completed the evaluation of the participants, they will curate a shortlist of top five to six players across each of the categories, which is then presented to our judges.

  • The Judging panel will be the final authority so as to ensure a well-informed, transparent and unbiased process is adhered to. 

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  • Our judging panel comprises seasoned professionals representing vendors, SI, application developers, and hyper scalers, who bring deep industry expertise and familiarity with the telecom ecosystem.

About Twimbit

Twimbit is a research and advisory firm driven by a singular mission: to empower businesses making a difference. We specialize in providing invaluable industry intelligence to executives and teams, acting as a catalyst for innovation and growth. Twimbit’s proprietary research platform seeks to revolutionize the way enterprises consume insights, making it effortlessly enjoyable and accessible to all.

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Explore our rich repository of telecom:

Our Research on Telecoms

Twimbit is a trailblazing force in the telecom industry. It sets the gold standard for in-depth and comprehensive analysis. With a formidable team of 30 analysts strategically based in key markets across APAC including Singapore, India, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Our research platform acts as a catalyst for innovation and growth and makes consumption of information enjoyable and accessible.

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